Demand for alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in insurance and reinsurance has risen over the last ten years. Bin Suwaidan Lawyers commonly handle requests for both types of disputes arising in this field:

  • Intra market insurance dispute resolution – claims between brokers, underwriters and reinsurers.
  • Insurance and insured dispute resolution – disputes between corporate clients or government/public sector institutions and their insurers.

Resolving of obviously intractable insurance disputes requires neutrals who are not only aware of the law, but who know the market and the commercial impact of disputes. Our insurance lawyers are experienced in resolving complex disputes quickly and cost effectively.

Sometimes insurance companies intend to pay partial claims that do not fully reimburse the losses, or even deny the claim entirely for the purpose of profit making. Some insurance companies in UAE try to find loopholes or try to apply vague terms and unclear language buried in fine print to deny a claim. Or they may delay a claim so that the policy holder will give up or accept less than the full amount of coverage. In such cases we provide the best legal solution to the policyholder to claim the insurance that he deserves.

Theoretically, the insurance company shall be on the recipient’ side at the moment of listed circumstances. But, usually, the insurance company becomes the opponent and the client ends up fighting for the equivalent of a miniature trial to get what he is entitled to.

Our lawyers have challenged all kinds of insurance disputes, including automotive, property, health, life, short and long term disability, credit disability, business owners, and marine insurance claims. Regardless of the value of the claim, if you have had an insurance company refuses a claim, or denies making an competent offer, then you should call and speak to one of our attorneys for a free consultation.